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Joyful Fun OEM for Inflatable Aqua Park Brand of Japan

Joyful Fun OEM for Inflatable Aqua Park Brand of Japan

In 2016, a new inflatable water park was produced by Joyful Fun inflatable factory. This OEM service is making a new style inflatable water park for a Japanese Brand Bra***.


As we all know, Japanese customer (brand) is usually precise in work. There must be many precise requirements. And Joyful Fun is also doing work precisely. That’s why the customers choose Joyful Fun as their inflatables OEM supplier. According to the design, our factory offered the professional advice and processing production. Soon we have completed the inflatable water parks in short time because Joyful Fun get big power of production, the coordination of product line and long experience. Anyway, this inflatable water park model’s size is not big actually. And this size could be more flexible.


After production finish, the client is satisfied with the quality. We Joyful Fun really did good job making good product to comply with the requirements. Thanks for the client’s praise for the material, quality and work of our product.


We are an expert inflatable manufacturer, and can give everyone the most true and effective brand support and warranty service.