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Joyful Fun Inflatables Factory Expanded


Since our factory built in 2008, Guangzhou Joyful Fun Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. gets 10 years industrial and trading experience in the industry of amusement inflatables. we are an integrated enterprise of design, production and sales. Our scale and strength are constantly expanding.

In Dec 2017, Joyful Fun inflatables factory expands new workshop, and it was officially put into operation. Our factory takes area of 4000 sq.m. Joyful Fun also will employ more workers and import more equipments. Our scale and strength are constantly expanding and we have advanced production equipment and excellent technicians. We become one of the largest inflatable factory in Guangzhou.

Our best advantages is except the regular production of sewing inflatables, we are more profession in welding production. Our factory is divided into sewing department and welding department which depends on our characteristics to construct. These two production technics and the independent spacious workshop is helpful for us to show our advantage. Meanwhile,we use true materials, it is durable, high abrasion resistance, high tear resistance, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and high adhesion. Joyful Fun is strive to provide high quality and high restore degree product for customers.

About the equipment, we improve advanced equipment constantly, such as multifunctional welding machine, sewing machine and large-scale high-speed automatic cutting machine and so on. Besides, we have many high temperature heat sealing machines to make sure products high quality and production high efficiency.

Customers are welcome to visit our inflatables factory at any time. We can manufacture various vivid shape inflatable products according to client’s requirements. We will manufacture suitable product for you depends on your requirement and budget. No matter your business is small or big, no matter your idea is simple or complex, we will try our best to offer the excellent service.