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Joyful Fun Inflatable Slides for Iraqi Park

Joyful Fun Inflatable Slides for Iraqi Park

In the end of Sep. 2017, a Iraq park owner sent his friend especially come to visit our factory Joyful Fun. As his friend is not in this industry, he just did him a favour to come. Because the park owner firstly knew us in web, checked our website, contacted our sales manager, by knowing we are a true good inflatable factory, then he just send his friend to have a look our Joyful Fun factory, take some pictures and talk about order list. First of all, the customer do have bright eyes and business vision to choose Joyful Fun.


Afterwards, after the factory visiting and one more day negotiation in our office, although Joyful Fun’s good quality requires reasonable higher price than those inferior products’, anyway, we both agreed the contract.


And after efficient production, and the owner sent his cargo agent come to inspect finished products, seeing reinforced good quality details, everything conform to the requirements agreed, and the inspection was well done. Finally Joyful Fun’s high quality inflatable slides and timely delivery proved that the customer’s decision is right. Even thought the price is higher a little, but they are worthy.


And after the park owner received and used Joyful Fun inflatables slides, from the end of 2017, Jan 2018, the customer ever twice getting back the pictures shew that they use our Joyful Fun inflatable slides. And they told us their customers like playing in our Joyful Fun inflatable rides, although all the inflatable rides we provided are inflatable slides. And they expressed their praise and thank Joyful Fun again. Anyway, we Joyful Fun team is also very happy for them. And expect more successful cooperation with middle east customer. Hope they are happy and healthy.