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Joyful Fun Inflatable Customization for USA Event Company

Joyful Fun Inflatable Customization for USA Event Company

In August 2017, a big American inflatables event company named Awesome*** contacted us in internet, looking for custom many inflatable products mainly for event use and rental, such as inflatable bouncy combo, inflatable extreme slide, AD models and some inflatable interactive sports game.

After the smooth negotiation, the customer could feel that we are professional and our sincerity. Moreover, Joyful Fun quote comparatively good price which is reasonable based on quality, not high with exceeding profit, not cheap with unreasonable cost and accordingly bad quality. Then, we made a deal quickly.

Although the customer was used to buy local products before,they even do not pay by telex transfer,but after the payment via Paypal, even though with super high handling fee for big amount, they were willing to do the business with us. And after the production, he saw our products and everything was alright for his customization requirements, they start to perceive he was right to buy from Joyful Fun. And they believe there’s really good inflatables factory in China, even though there were some bad quality or untrue suppliers.

This American company is a very outstanding company who's doing great job holding big events in United States. They buy local Inflatables and our inflatable rides. And the person in charge is very kind. He also recommend us to some friends of his. Thanks for the friendly cooperation. We Joyful Fun will keep provide American customers good inflatable products and good service.