Inflatable Dry Slide

Joyful Fun inflatables factory is OEM for inflatable dry slide. Joyful Fun have produced inflatable slides for many years. Including many slides of different themes. Joyful Fun inflatable slides are made of thick material, not only outer material but inner tie pieces material. Because the inside tie pieces are very important for inflatable toys, they make sure keeping form of the inflatable slide and bouncer and being strong. Moreover, Joyful Fun inflatable factory uses sufficient tie pieces material inside, so as you see, Joyful Fun inflatable slides’ sides are much flat with dense tying work. Besides, the specialized slippery cover tarp is another essential for the inflatable dry slide. Joyful Fun always use high quality slippery tarp for the slide way. Of course, Joyful Fun also concentrate on safety. Steady base, high position safety fence, safety netting and front baffle, etc. In one word, trust Joyful Fun produce good quality safe inflatable slides for you customers.

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