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Guangzhou Joyful Fun Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd welcome UK customers


On January 12th  in 2018, compared to the previous few days weather which it was raining and cold, today’s weather was very warm. The Joyful Fun inflatable factory welcomed two guests, Ad ** and Oli *** from UK. They are very humorous and friendly. We warmly received the two customers come from far away.

First of all, we took our UK customers to visit our production workshop of Joyful Fun inflatable factory, and the customers reviewed the materials and production processes of our products, and we gave a detailed answer.

Secondly, the customer came to visit the newly-expanded production workshop in Joyful Fun. At this moment, we are producing yoga mats from the United States and Europe. The customers agree with our quality and are satisfied with our production technology.

Subsequently, Joyful Fun factory is testing the newly completed inflatable products, including inflatable slide, inflatable sport and inflatable obstacle, two customers check the finished product production details, and personally experienced the fun of inflatable pitching game.

Finally, we conducted further communication with our customers on the strengths of Joyful Fun, the development of Joyful Fun factory, the circumstance of product sales, and typical cooperation clients.

After the reception of customers, customers said they was very happy to visit and inspect the Joyful Fun Factory. They also thanked our warm and considerate reception and left a deep impression on our factory. We look forward to further corporation with them.

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