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Good Custom Inflatable Water Toy Floating Pool

Good Custom Inflatable Water Toy Floating Pool

In July 2017, a tourist owner who has touring ship wanted to make some more interesting inflatable floating water games into his business scope in Vietnam. He ever shew us his very marvelous touring ship that is in a totally ancient Pirate Ship shape. That was so amazing.

After the customer found out that Joyful Fun is a good inflatable products manufacturer, he asked for making the inflatable floating pool board, for that he want to build more interesting and natural open pool in the beautiful river, besides his “Pirate Ship”. And he want more and more inflatable games besides the inflatable floating pool, such as inflatable water slide and trampoline. After the negotiation, the customer placed the order of a couple of inflatable floating pool board. Of course, Joyful Fun try the best to design and produce the products according to the customization. Print his company logo on the finished products. And we Joyful Fun achieved shipment on time as we promised.

Now they've gotten our inflatable float pool board products. And as you see, people enjoy the special open water swimming in Joyful Fun inflatable floating pool. And the customer also made good comment on our website saying he will buy more products. We are very happy to see our clients are satisfied with our inflatable products. And we also thank the customer again for the trust and placing the order to us.