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Giant Inflatable Yellow Duck Model Arrives In Toronto After Causing A Flap


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TORONTO — A giant rubber duck that caused a flap for weeks before its arrival has settled into its temporary new home on Toronto's waterfront.

The six-storey-tall, 13,600-kilogram yellow duck was inflated on Toronto's harbourfront Friday morning ahead of the weekend RedPath Waterfront Festival.

The duck's $200,000 price tag had some critics crying foul, questioning the bird's connection to Canada 150 festivities.

The festival, which has received government funding in previous years to promote tourism, received about $120,000 from the province and $250,000 from the federal government to tour to six cities.

The giant rubber duck is based on similar floating structures by a Dutch artist that have travelled world.

Ryan Whaley, the co-owner of this duck, says that he came up with the idea to build it with a friend three years ago when they decided that nobody could ignore a giant yellow duck.

The official unveiling happens at 11 a.m. on Canada Day, and the duck will then pack up to head to Owen Sound on July 3.

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