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Customer visit placing order & Products inspection.


In Sep. 2019, an African amusement company customer came to Joyful Fun Toys inflatables factory visiting. After the factory inspection and business talking, the customer paid cash placing the order of sewing inflatable bouncers, slides and airtight inflatable toys. Joyful Fun promised good quality production, good design and service, in the mean while, the production time 2 weeks as Joyful Fun having high efficiency.

Right after 2 weeks, at the shipment date, Joyful Fun factory has completed the products on time as agreed. The customer was pleased for that he could be able to inspect the finished products and arrange goods shipping before going back home. 

The customer checked every model of the goods, as you see, Joyful Fun inflatable products get good design, good quality with so many reinforcement technology, good printing and safety. The customer likes Joyful Fun inflatable toys' good looking and quality. Like this playground of the goods, the customer was checking it,

The customer is satisfied with the products and grateful to Joyful Fun for producing good products for him.

Joyful Fun teams work seriously, so Joyful Fun inflatables are good, neat, beautiful and safe.

Joyful Fun people are kind, honest and sincere. We always work hardly with efforts to supply good inflatable products. We are glad to see customers' satisfied smile that means good reputation, the most important thing for us Joyful Fun.

Thank you for all customers' supports. Expect more and more mutually beneficial cooperations between us.